Dialogue – 157 (About addictions….)

“What is addiction to old memories and thoughts?”

“An addiction is when we are occupied with or involved in something… Be it smoking or thinking….
Our unconscious and conscious thinking is a matter of routine. We cannot just stop thinking.
However, the addiction comes in when we start to ‘live’ it, by addictively replaying the same mental patterns and same old stories, over and over in our heads…”


“This mental chatter and clutter does not let us have lasting peace.. The thinking of past, if addictive, is also a cause of suffering…. Like,  if someone is feeling unhappy or troubled, they sure will be thinking about something. Thinking and suffering are therefore inseparable….”

“What are the negative effects..?”

“Some of them are:-
1. Denial. It is a hole in perception. Life problems may be acknowledged, but denial brings into play other thinking distortions to explain them. For instance, problems may be thought of as caused by other people, not the addiction, and so a pattern of blaming develops in one’s thinking and belief system. Or, one may see problems in one’s own behavior but will use justification.
2. Minimizing. It is the reverse of making a mountain out of a molehill. It takes a large problem like addiction and pretends it’s not such a big deal. It allows a bad situation to continue and to get worse.
3. Redefining. It diverts attention away from the subject and labels the problem as something else.
4. Being vague. It stops or slows down communication, by giving little clear information that can be addressed.
5. Pessimism.
6. Inability to form and maintain healthy relationships, due to being boxed into a corner where we cling to our addiction, and struggle against anyone who threatens it.”

“Hmmm.. How to avoid it…?”

“Its difficult… However, not impossible. The practical routines break our mental patterns through involvement in activities other than thinking. Try following:-
1. See and analyze every situation dispassionately.
2. Thoughts, feelings and emotions come and go. They might have been pleasant and unpleasant, or desirable and undesirable. The bottom-line is to step out in the world of reality.”
3. Never suppress the thoughts. Make the best out of them, and apply in life. Instead of looking away from your problems, look towards them and learn from them.
4. Get involved in what you love to do…”

“Don’t you think it’s perfectly okay to remember the past addictively, as long as the person is not affecting the outside world negatively….!”

“It might be okay if the person was only thinking… 🙂 …. However, addictive thinking while not channelizing the thoughts harms the person himself. Secondly, over-thinking increases stress.”

“Hmmmmm…… Tell me, why it is so difficult to apply all the good solutions? Why is it that you feel so easy to tell about solutions, yet I find it so difficult to apply them? Why is it that all the terms, researches, good talks and messages of hope do not bring happiness..? Why is it that we do not get desired fruitful results from each word of goodness and sanity…?

“Because, there is a catch in every solution of all sorts of problems…?”

“And that is..?

“The human element….”


“The words, medicines, solutions, etc do not work if applied without the human element.
Want to solve addiction? Get in touch with humans…”


“Because….. The problem was caused due to human beings… It will only be cured through human beings…. 🙂 … + You think the addiction is of thoughts! My dear, addiction of thoughts is actually the addiction of humans attached to those thoughts…”


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