One liners – 61

The saints are the sinners who keep on trying.

(Robert Louis Stevenson)


3 thoughts on “One liners – 61

    • As per Soorah Al Teen, man was created perfect, however, he took himself to the other limit.

      The issue of persistence and consistency – especially in the realms of goodness – has always been emphasized. When we talk of the ‘attitude’ of a person, it transpires that it is the most important aspect, even more than acts. On the same note, ‘intent’ has been imparted more significance than act (refering to the hadees e Nabi ﷺ which says, “Momin ki niyyat, uskay amal se behtar hai…”).

      Attitude is so important that the concept of “toubah” is wholly explained through it, whereby a person in spite of wrongdoings, has so many positive attribute like:- a positive attitude (optimism), hope (of forgiveness from Almighty), moral courage (to accept his faults), repentance (on the bad acts) and resolve (not to repeat the sins)…

      In my view, the quote takes this sense.
      The positive attitude of sinners, coupled with consistency on doing good, makes them saints – given their wholehearted-ness and Allah’s blessings.


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