Dialogue – 177 (Urgent relief…. Part 2)

“My depression finds me somehow… Gets over me…. Controls me….”

“The first step is otherwise…. Rest all are right…”

“What do you mean..!..”

“I mean to say: it does not find you…. You find it back….. Through some memory, association, fear, apprehension, similarity or some other effect it had caused….’

“So what should I do then..?.. I am so weak and feel so feeble, to even acknowledge it..”

“That’s where you mislead yourself…. You are not weak, but strong…. The moment you realize it is depression, you have taken your first step of looking at it discreetly… It is however, half-way…”

“And what about the next steps…”

“The next steps are: overcoming it, by embracing the complete reality…… Looking at a better, brighter reality….. Accepting the bigger reality….. And finally, defining & achieving your own reality…..”

“So it is all about realities…..!…”

“Of course…. Haven’t you heard that: Being happy is another way of accepting reality…”



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