This blog contains more of collections & inspirations, and few of thoughts & memories from a man of few words, who is an ISFJ by nature and back-packer by pursuits. The Cancerian tends to enjoy the road less traveled by.

He hails from the most beautiful city of Pakistan. (All praise be to Allah)…..

Karachi was his first love. Northern Pakistan is his haven. Quetta is his last love. Like Akhtar Abbas, he is…

اس آخری نسل کے نمائندے ہیں جس نے لکھے ہوئے لفظوں سے دور افتادہ رشتوں کا لمس محسوس کیا۔ وہ اس پہلی نسل کا بھی حصہ ہیں جس نے الیکٹرانک میسیجنگ کی برق رفتاری سے دلوں کے رنگ بدلتے دیکھے۔

In this time of digital relationships, he loves to write letters and value friendships.

Email: ghazwah@gmail.com

This blog also contains posts by Nida Abrar – contributing author to this site – who possesses sense, sensibility, sanity and self-awareness of a passionate degree, and expresses it at an even higher, elevated level….


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sir Umer!
    Your blog has taken me back to the time and space dimension where I find myself young, energetic and romantic again. What else do we earn in our mortal lives but the relationships, memories and soothing words. The sweet happenings are the events we cherish all our lives. And im fortunate enough to have a friend and mentor like you in my life.
    You were, are and will remain a source of inspiration for us. Hope to see you over a cup of coffee some time.
    Have a good time …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Badini…
      It’s a heartfelt pleasure to know and own you…
      And next time when you land at Islamabad, I’d pull you out from your plane when it passes by……….as it is the only practicable way to spend time with you out of your bizi wizi schedule…. 😛

      Love always…


  2. Dearest..
    It really was heartening to go through the contents.. Masha ALLAH you are an innocent and searching soul.. Your compilation of e-books and presentations are still with me and I cherish them like a treasure. KEEP IT UP n stay BLESSED. Hope to bump into U; once in ur city. Take care n regards ..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My pleasure Sir, for the beautiful comments…
    Thanks a ton for your cares and all the good memories, esp of Quetta times.

    Much respect and regards,
    Stay blessed.


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  5. (Y)…loved the paragraph in Urdu that indicates the generation that is on the cusp of traditional means of communication ( the famous snail mail) n the “fast forward” electronic means .

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