Awesome Aircraft – 25



Awesome Aircraft – 24


Red Arrows

Hawk aircraft

Aviation Art – 9


On 6th september 1965, a formation of six F-86s of No 19 squadron attacked the advancing columns of Indian army at Wagah. In 20 minutes of action, the grand trunk road was littered with scores of burning tanks, armoured and soft vehicles. The formation was lead by Squadron Leader Sajjad Haider with Flight leutinents M Akbar, Dilawar Hussain, Ghani Akbar and flying officers Khalid Latif and Arshad Chaudhry in his formation. The 5″ rockets which were used for the first time in combat by PAF, had a devastating effect on the enemy armour.

Awesome Aircraft – 23



PAF Academy Aerobatics Team

T-37 Aircraft

Cockpits not often seen….

M1 Abrams


AH-1Z Viper Helicopter

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird


P-51 Mustang Cockpit


B2 Bomber


Mi-24 Hind




Gulfstream G650


F-35 Lightning


Cessna 206


AH-6 Little Bird


EH-60 Black Hawk


AV-8B Harrier II


Enola Gay (Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber which dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima)


Spruce Goose


Space Ship One





Awesome Aircraft – 22


Formations of F-117 and F-22