Excellent dialogues from an outstanding film…

“This was not a crash
and it wasn’t a ditching.
We knew what we were trying to execute here.
It was not a…
It was not a crash.
It was a forced water landing.”

“Why didn’t you attempt to return to LaGuardia?”

“There simply was not enough altitude. The Hudson was the only place that was long enough and smooth enough and wide enough to even attempt to land the airplane safely.”

“Air Traffic testified that you stated you were returning to LaGuardia, but you did not.”

“As I began the left turn, I realized I couldn’t make it back and it would have eliminated all the other options.
Returning to LaGuardia would have been a mistake.”

“Okay, well, let’s get into how you calculated all those parameters.”

“There was no time for calculating.
I had to rely on my experience of managing the altitude and speed of thousands of flights over four decades.”

“You’re saying you didn’t do any…”

“I eyeballed it.”

“You eyeballed it’?”


“The best chance those passengers had was on that river.
And I’d bet my life on it.
In fact, I did.
And I would do it again.”

“Aviation engineers are theorizing you had enough energy to make it back to a runway.”

“Well, engineers are not pilots.
They’re wrong.
And they weren’t there.”

“Regardless, we have to follow up on all implications as part of our investigation.
Our computers will run return scenario algorithms. It’ll generate simulations with your exact parameters. The dual engine loss, the altitude.
Everything you faced when you made your decision.”

“I would like to oversee those computer simulations.”

“Not possible during an investigation.
You stated that it was a dual engine failure due to multiple bird strikes?
That would be unprecedented.”

“Well, everything is unprecedented until it happens for the first time.”

I’m sorry if you’re frustrated, but our job is to investigate how a plane ended up in the Hudson River.”

“Isn’t it a little early in the year to go fishing?”

“Seeking the facts is hardly “fishing,” Mr. Skiles.”

“Okay, then here’s the most important fact.
There’s only two people who know what happened in the cockpit that day and I’m one of them.”

“And we appreciate your perspective.
Why do you even think we’re here today?
It’s because Captain Sullenberger did not head back to LaGuardia.”

“Look, I just finished training on the A320 and I can tell you,
the only reason the plane operated as well as it did, that the aircraft could land anywhere, is because Captain Sullenberger turned on the Auxiliary Power Unit.
He was simply following the QRH.”

“No. No, he wasn’t.”

“He wasn’t following proper procedure at all.”

“And I know, because I had the QRH in my hands.
He switched on the APU immediately after engine rollback.”

“According to Airbus, that’s the 15th thing on the list to do.

“If he had followed the damn rules, we’d all be dead.
Maybe that’s the part you don’t like.”

“You’re not used to having answers to your guesses.”

“Look, what Jeff is saying is that I know the A320, what it does and what it doesn’t do.
I have read countless CUR transcripts of deceased pilots and I have significant accident investigation experience.”

“There is no question that you are a talented, dedicated, experienced professional.
But all the flights you piloted before January 15th and every crash you investigated are not the purview of this investigation.
Only US Airways 1549 matters today.”

“All right. LaGuardia, Cactus 1549, dual engine failure.
We have to return to the field.”

“Okay. I’m gonna left turn back to LaGuardia 1-3.”

FEMALE PILOT 1: “I’ll activate the approach for you. It’s activated. Runway 1-3. Glide slopes coming in nicely. Sink Rate 900.

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Too low, flaps. Flight slow. Too low, flaps. “Forty, 30, 20…”

“Successful landing at LaGuardia, runway 1-3.”

“For the record, the pilots and the computer sims bear the same result.
Let’s try for Teterboro now, please.
Upload the second run.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Birds.”

FEMALE PILOT 2: “Give me a heading 3-1-0.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Heading 3-1-0. I’m gonna give you direct to Teterboro.”

FEMALE PILOT 2: “Direct Teterboro.”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “One thousand. Flaps two.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Flaps two. Too low, terrain. Too low, terrain. Fifty, 40, 30, 20…

FEMALE PILOT: “Successful landing at Teterboro, runway 1-9.”

“Multiple airports, runways, two successful landings.
We are simply mimicking what the computer already told us.”

“A lot of toes were stepped on in order to set this up for today. And frankly’ I really don’t know what you gentlemen plan to gain by it.
Can we get serious now?”


“We’ve all heard about the computer simulations and now we are watching actual sims. But I can’t quite believe you still have not taken into account the human factor.”

“Human piloted simulations showed that you could make it back to the airport.”

“No, they don’t.
These pilots were not behaving like human beings, like people who are experiencing this for the first time.”

“Well, they may not be reacting like you did.”

“Immediately after the bird strike, they are turning back for the airport.
Just as in the computer sims, correct?”

“That is correct.”

“They obviously knew the turn and exactly what heading to fly.
They did not run a check.
They did not switch on the APU.”

“They had all the same parameters that you faced.”

“No one warned us.
No one said, ‘You are going to lose both engines at a lower altitude than any jet in history. But be cool. Just make a left turn for LaGuardia’, like you’re going back to pick up the milk….
This was dual engine loss at 2,800 feet followed by an immediate water landing with 155 souls onboard.
No one has ever trained for an incident like that.
No one.
The Teterboro landing, with its unrealistic bank angle…….we were not the Thunderbirds up there.
I’d like to know how many times the pilot practiced that maneuver before he actually pulled it off.
I’m not questioning the pilots. They’re good pilots. But they’ve clearly been instructed to head for the airport immediately after the bird strike.
You’ve allowed no time for analysis or decision-making.
In these simulations, you’ve taken all of the humanity out of the cockpit.
How much time did the pilots spend planning for this event? For these simulations?
You are looking for human error. Then make it human.
This wasn’t a video game. It was life and death.”

“Sully’s right. That’s worth a few seconds.
Please ask how many practice runs they had.”

(CLEARS THROAT) “Seventeen.”




“The pilot who landed at Teterboro had 17 practice attempts before the simulation we just witnessed.
Your reaction decision time will be set at 35 seconds.”

“Thirty-five seconds. That’s not enough time.
We only had 208 seconds total, so I’ll take it.”

“Upload the link.
Return to LaGuardia.
Now with an added 35-second delay in response time.”


MALE PILOT 2: “Okay, I saw them.”

“Give me 35 seconds.”

FEMALE PILOT 1: “Thirty-five seconds.”

“Time’s up. Here we go.
Flight path vector. Going for 1-3.”


MALE PILOT 2: “Activate confirm.”

FEMALE PILOT 1: “All right. You are confirmed.”

MALE PILOT 2: “We’re heading right for the airport.”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Caution, obstacle. Caution, obstacle.”

FEMALE PILOT 1: “We’re about seven miles from the runway.”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Caution, obstacle. Pull up. Pull up. Pull up. Pull up. Too low, terrain.”

FEMALE PILOT 1: “We got a little extra speed. You want some flaps?”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Too low, terrain.”

MALE PILOT 2: “No, leave the flaps up.”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Too low, terrain. Too low, terrain. Too low, terrain. Fifty, 40, 30, 20…”


“Let’s try Teterboro.
Upload the link, please.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Birds.”

FEMALE PILOT 2: “Auto pilot off. Flight Director off. Hack the time.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Thirty-five seconds.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Engine one and two fail.”


FEMALE PILOT 2: “Let’s see if we can make it.”

MALE PILOT 1: “Heading sub 2-9-8. You seeing Teterboro out there’?”

FEMALE PILOT 2: “I do. Way too low.”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Obstacle, obstacle. Pull up. Pull up. Pull up. Pull up. Pull up.”

FEMALE PILOT 2: “Not gonna work, not gonna work.”

AUTOMATED VOICE: “Pull up. Pull up.”



“Does anyone need to see more simulations?”

“That is honestly the first time that I have listened to a crash recording while actually sitting with the captain and the first officer.
It’s extraordinary.
That was no simulation.
I’d like to add something on a personal note. I can say with absolute confidence that after speaking with the rest of the flight crew, with bird experts, aviation engineers, after running through every scenario, after interviewing each player, there is still an “X” in this result and it’s you, Captain Sullenberger.
Remove you from the equation, and the math just fails.”

“I disagree.
It wasn’t just me. It was all of us. It was Jeff and Donna and Sheila and Doreen and all of the passengers, the rescue workers, air traffic control, ferry boat crews and the scuba cops.
We all did it.
We survived.”

“First Officer Skiles, is there anything you’d like to add?
Anything you would have done differently if you had to do it again?”

“Yes. I would have done it in July.”




[Sully – 2016]

Interesting dialogues from a remember-able film

“Now, pay attention, ’cause I’m about to tell you the secret to life.
You ready?
The whole damn thing is about decisions, little, seemingly insignificant decisions that clear the road for monster truck life-altering ones.
You see, every path you take leads to another choice, and some choices can change everything.
Every moment of the rest of your life hangs on them.”

“Well, I should probably take her in to monitor her.”

“What? To the clinic? – Now?”


“But it’s 2:00 AM.”

“It’s 3:00 AM.”

“I thought you just said she was okay.”

“Hang on. I did.
She’s doing good.
It’s just a precaution.”

“Is that necessary?”

“Well, most precautions aren’t.
It’s why we call them precautions.”

“Wow. You’re being smug.”

“No, no. I’m being honest.”

“What are you looking for?”

“Something that… should be here.
I let her down, Dad. I should’ve been there. If I’d have been on time…”

“It’s not your fault, Travis. Get that out of your head.
The world breaks everyone, Travis. the very gentle, the very brave.
And those it doesn’t break, it kills.”

“Is that from the good book, Pastor Shaw?”

“A great book. Hemingway.
There’s no shame in being a broken man.

“I should know.”

“You just pick up the pieces……and start rebuilding.”



[The Choice – 2016]

When truth is stranger than fiction… (Dialogues from ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’)

Charlie: “My XO wrote in a report, I was the best officer he ever served at sea with, and the worst officer he ever served in port with.”

Charlie: “How’d a guy like you get into the Agency?”

Gust: What, you mean a street guy?

Charlie: “You ain’t James Bond.”

Gust: “And you ain’t Thomas Jefferson, so let’s call it even.”

“Well, what I think’s got Gust worried is that sooner or later God is gonna be on both sides….”

Charlie: “Well, I told you.”

Gust: “Told me what?”

Charlie: “All we had to do was shoot down the helicopters.”

Gust: “Listen, not for nothing, but do you know the story about the Zen master and the little boy?

Charlie: “Oh, is this something from Nitsa, the Greek witch of Aquilippa, Pennsylvania?”

Gust: “Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is. “There was a little boy, and on his 14th birthday he gets a horse. And everybody in the village says, “How wonderful! The boy got a horse.” And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.” Two years later, the boy falls off the horse, breaks his leg. And everybody in the village says, “How terrible!” And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.” Then a war breaks out, and all the young men have to go off and fight, except the boy can’t ’cause his leg’s all messed up. And everybody in the village says, “How wonderful!”

Charlie: “And the Zen master says, “We’ll see.”…”

Gust: “So you get it.”

Charlie: “No. No, I don’t ’cause I’m stupid.”

Gust: “You’re not stupid. You’re just in Congress… Send them money. You can start with the roads. Move on to the schools, factories. Restock the sheep herds.

Charlie: “Hey.”

Gust: “Give them jobs, give them hope.”

Charlie: “I’m trying. I’m trying.”

Gust: “Yeah, well, try harder.”

Charlie: “I’m fighting for every dollar. I took you from 5 million to a billion. I broke the ice on the Stinger and the MILAN. I got a Democratic Congress in lockstep behind a Republican President.”

Gust: “Well, that’s not good enough ’cause I’m gonna hand you a code word classified NIE right now, and it’s gonna tell you that the crazies have started rolling
into Kandahar like it’s a bathtub drain.”

Charlie: “Jesus, Gust, you could depress a bride on her wedding day.”

Bob”: “$1 million for school reconstruction?”

Man 1: “He’s like the congressman from Kabul.”

Charlie: “Did you hear me say it was a million, not a billion, for school construction?”

Bob: “Yeah, we heard you. Everybody heard you, buddy. They heard you in Dover, Delaware.”

Charlie: “Well, I sure hope I’m not annoying you, Bob, ’cause that’s the last thing I want to do. Look…”

Bob: “I was in the Roosevelt Room with the President last week. You know what he said? He said, “Afghanistan? Is that still going on?”

Charlie: “Well, it is. Half the population of that country is under the age of 14. Now, think how dangerous that is. They’re gonna come home and find their families are dead, their villages have been napalmed.”

Bob: “And we helped kill the guys who did it.”

Charlie: “Yeah, but they don’t know that, Bob, ’cause they don’t get home delivery of The New York Times. And even if they did, it was covert, remember? This is what we always do. We always go in with our ideals and we change the world and then we leave. We always leave. But that ball, though, it keeps on bouncing.”

Man 2: “Yeah, we’re a little busy right now reorganizing Eastern Europe, don’t you think? We’ve spent billions.”

Charlie: “Let’s spend a million on H.R. 118 and rebuild a school.”

Bob: “Charlie, nobody gives a damn about a school in Pakistan.”

Charlie: “Afghanistan.”


[Charlie Wilson’s War – 2007]

Glowing dialogues from a dark film…

Den & Libby’s Mother:

“Dear Ben, Michelle, Libby and Debby.
I don’t think this letter will ever reach you.
But Mr. Diehl said he’d hold it for me.
And I guess that gives me some comfort.
Your grandparents always told me, “Make a useful life.”
I don’t think I’ve really done that,
but I can make a useful death.
My life has been determined so much by accidents.
It seems nice now that an accident on purpose will make things right again.
I hope you all forgive me.
Take care of yourselves.
I know Diane will do right by you.
I’m only sad… I won’t get to see the wonderful people you’ve become.
Although I don’t need to.
That’s how sure I am of my kids.”

Libby Day:

“May be Ben was right.
It wasn’t all bad.
Ben learned something in his prison that I never learned in mine. Forgiveness.
My mom told us to make a useful life.
Nothing big. Nothing grand.
Just a start.
Finally, a start.”


[‘Dark Places’]

Authentic Dialogues from a Forgery Film… :)

“Lambert, are you married?”

“Yes. Nearly 30 years.”

“What’s it like, living with a woman?”

“Like taking part in an auction. You never know if yours will be the best offer.”

“In an old article of yours I found on the internet, you said, ‘There’s something authentic in every forgery.’…. What did you mean?”

“When simulating another’s work, the forger can’t resist the temptation to put in something of himself. Often it’s just a trifle, a detail of no interest. One unsuspected stroke, by which the forger inevitably ends up betraying himself, and revealing his own, utterly authentic sensibilities.”

“Human emotions are like works of art. They can be forged. They seem just like the original, but they’re a forgery.”


“Everything can be faked, Virgil. Joy, pain, hate. Illness, recovery. Even love.”

“Do you think love can be faked?”

“In keeping with what you say about art forgeries, I’d say it can’t be completely faked. If one could say love is a work of art.”

“It’d be amazing if it were, wouldn’t it? lt could be sold off at an auction. The highest bidder could relive the greatest love stories.”

[The Best Offer – 2013]

Awesome Dialogues – Allegiant

They called themselves the “pure”, and they called us the “damaged”.
They created a wall to divide us from their world.
And factions to divide us from each other.

“Great Leaders Don’t Seek Power. They’re Called By Necessity”.

“You Want Change With No Sacrifice. Peace With No Struggle. The World Doesn’t Work Like That”.


[Allegiant – 2016]

Dazzling dialogues – From “The Holiday”…

“And then there’s another kind of love. The cruelest kind.
The one that almost kills its victims.
It’s called unrequited love.
Of that, I am an expert…”

* * *

“Most love stories are about people who fall in love with each other.
But what about the rest of us? What about our stories?
Those of us who fall in love alone.
We are the victims of the one-sided affair.
We are the cursed of the loved ones. We are the unloved ones.
The walking wounded. The handicapped without the advantage of a great parking space.”

* * *

“I need to get out of town.
You know? I think I need some peace and quiet…..
…..or whatever it is people go away for.
You know what I really wanna do?
I wanna eat carbs without wanting to kill myself.
I wanna read a book.
Not just a magazine. An actual book.”

* * *

“Iris, in the movies,
we have leading ladies…
…and we have the best friend.
You, I can tell, are a leading lady.
But for some reason, you’re behaving like the best friend.”

[The Holiday – 2006]