Dhanak – 2016


Orphaned siblings Pari and Chotu embark on a journey to restore Chotu’s eyesight.

Movie is all about dedication and belief.


Chak De! India – 2007


A film with excellent lessons on team building, management, transformational leadership and sportsman-spirit.



بہترین سکرپٹ ، عمدہ اداکاری 

ایک بہت اچھا سیریل

A whistle-blower… An eye opener…



Like the “Glory” and “Badge of Honour”, it is a must watch for those, who seek to fight for ‘black and white’…

The ‘greys’ will haunt this world……forever.

Drone – 2017

After the Promise – 1987


Inspired by a true story, this film is about an itinerant Depression- era carpenter who is declared an unfit parent because of his financial situation when his wife dies. Fighting against the legal system of the time, he struggles for eight years to regain custody of his four children.

Aashayein (2010)


A man meets with assorted characters in a hospice home after being diagnosed with cancer.

A reality film. Helps to understand the relation between life and death.