Random Thoughts – 107

Quality is: a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.
(synonymous to: feature, trait, attribute, characteristic, point, aspect, facet, side, streak, property, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, quirk….)

It is a general understanding that some qualities take about a lifetime to be possessed, gained or improved……while others need practice for weeks and months.

The fact is that qualities are not ‘hardware’. Those are software…….intangible and subjective.

The way and process of assessing the qualities will always be a subset to the way they are understood, thought upon and appreciated.

That is why, the assessment of qualities almost always reflects the attributes of the evaluators…. 🙂


Random Thoughts – 106

Mothers feel alike…

Fathers think alike…

…. and kids, act alike.


Random Thoughts – 105 (The ingredients…)

Life was made with water…..

Universe, with love….

Man, with earth (soil)…..

And success, with failures and challenges….

Random Thoughts – 104

زندگی کی بنیادی علامات : احساس۔ آنکھوں کا رواں ہونا۔ آنکھوں میں چمک ۔ مسکراہٹیں۔ آوازیں۔ ہلچل۔

موت کی پہلی علامت: احساس کا مر جانا۔

موت کی آخری علامت: آنکھوں سے چمک کا ختم ہونا۔

Random Thoughts – 103 (Re-posted)

Love and its manifestations….

When we love someone, we idealize them in literal terms.

Each and every move, sign, indicator and signal of our look, personality, pet-word, input (perception, way of looking at / taking things, people, situations and events), thought, action, dress, output (reaction, response towards people, situations and events) “speaks” of it. The “Body Language” speaks it, literally.

Be it the style of our spectacles or the tone of our voice, be it the manner of salutation or the way of taking food, our lifestyle speaks of our ideals and hence their personality type.

The more we love them, the more likelihood is our being like them.

The more we talk of something, the more it is in our heart and mind, thoughts and finally actions.

Hence basically, the “Zikr” of a personality, thing, place, etc (in any form) will determine the amount of attachment, the extent of relation, the intensity of affection, the level of connection and the degree of love we hold for them.

Of all the things created, love is unique in so many forms. It is so peculiar that someone may tolerate however badly he is treated or whatever adverse he is put into, but he will feel bad and resist if even a smaller proportion of such adverse treatment is imparted to the one he loves. If someone slaps you, he might get away with it due to one or the other reason, but if he even gestures a punch towards your son or daughter or other loved ones, you will not sit back until you feel that the person has received his due.

It is the love in the form of attachment, adoration, fondness, affection, devotion, attraction and passion that bonds us with people, places, things, concepts and even memories.

Of all the words in vocabulary, those related to love are so sweet, dear and near to our heart, that we start to enjoy the feeling even when someone else uses those words, knowing that it is not us into this situation, but the effects are so rich that an abundance is created, and it spreads around like wildfire. That is exactly the case when we see that all the issues when resolved with poise, consideration, concern and love are more enduring, lasting and effective than those resolved through force.

Mehboob wo hai jiska bura bhi acha lagay….. That’s all about beloved….

Love is about respect, trust, affection and every beautiful thing that has been created…

Appearances and vibes lead to infatuation, attachment, connection, longing, chemistry (and physics + biology too)… Love inn se kaafi ooper hai.

Random Thoughts – 102

دوست اور وقت۔ دونوں کا گہرا تعلق ہے۔

دوست اچھے بُرے وقت میں کام آتے ہیں۔ مثلاً ضرورت کے وقت۔
دوستی کی سمجھ اچھے بُرے وقت پر ہی آتی ہے۔

دوست کی پہچان یہ ہے کہ مِلنے سے پہلے ، مِلنے کے دوران اور مِلنے کے بعد ، وقت نہیں دیکھتے۔

Random Thoughts – 101

Use of organs…

Like each and every blessing, organs too have been blessed onto us for their fair use…….and not misuse and abuse.

Most of the ill-effects are caused when the organs are over-loaded with work, due to over-use……..ending up into stresses, strains, abnormal variations in blood pressure, organ failure, etc….

Strokes, cardiac arrest, liver / kidney failure and brain hemorrhage are some examples.

Quantitatively, the balance suggests that organs be used as per their number. That is why we have two hands, feet, eyes, ears……….and there is only one tongue (and stomach + private parts too)
Thus, we were supposed to work & observe & walk more………and speak & eat less…

And, skin is spread all over…..all across….
Thus, we were supposed to feel more…