Random Thoughts – 80

Our intents are our thoughts aimed, directed and wished… 

Our words are our thoughts expressed consciously…

Our actions are our thoughts turned inside out…


Random Thoughts – 79


  • Is a state of heart and mind in which a person distances himself from hope.
  • Puts a belief in a person’s head, that (nauzobillah) God Does not know, feel or care about his miseries.
  • Involves pessimism and thankless-ness.
  • Is caused by lack of patience, and due to persistent negative attitude, constant mental pressures, frequent stresses involving people, lack of faith, and absence of someone one who instills hope, courage and energy.
  • Is not the end of life. We need to remind the depressed, that Allah’s blessings come in various shapes, sizes and proportions + they come in so very different packages too.. Often, the blessings are not recognized by us until some time passes. They key here is: holding on, patience, optimism, effort and sabr.


When we uplift people’s morale, we actually uplift ourselves.

Random Thoughts – 78

Our cities…

  • Karachi is the city of life, awareness, trends, speed and activity.
  • Lahore is a happening, over-rated, loud and passionate place, which was once a centre of culture, traditions and intellect.
  • Rawalpindi is a big cantonment, located in a town.
  • Islamabad is a green heaven, which is chilling cold (reserved), dispassionate and is more of a picnic / sight-seeing spot.
  • Peshawar is a historic and equally polluted city.
  • Quetta is a spot of dry climate, fruits and life. It is full of good people.
  • Multan is the sizzling cultural beauty (with stress on ‘sizzling’), made of excellent, saintly and traditional inhabitants.
  • Sialkot, Gujranwala and Faisalabad are urbanized industrial towns, with an innate rural and original outlook.


(purely my own views….)

Random Thoughts – 77

‘Duplicity’ has become a social attribute….

Following may be the reasons:

  • Insecurities
  • Apprehensions
  • Environmental factors (gross prevalant duplicity)
  • Hypocricy (by nature)
  • Situational effects (gains and profits)
  • Ego
  • Ill-intents

Random Thoughts – 76

We can give only three things to each other….

  • Time
  • Respect and Goodwill
  • Prayers

(We cannot give only the same three things to each other….either)

Random Thoughts – 75

Ludo’s lessons….

  • It’s not the dice which determines our success; it’s our strategy.
  • Games do not build character.. They reveal it.
  • Sometimes, everything seems to finish just before our prime moment. However, that’s not the end.
  • There is a time for everything.
  • (And most importantly) It’s not all about the luck… Actually, luck is what we make of it.

Random Thoughts – 74

Social space / interactions…


With the advent of social media, the variables of social behaviour have changed.

Duur paas ho giya hai, aur paas, duur….

Relations and neighborhoods have become distant…. Dear ones are now far, and the near ones do not seem very dear.

While the media-brought-in friends and acquaintances are the new common; the experiences, traditions and values have started changing…..sometimes for the worse, especially when the realities confront like, ~ dost hota nahin har haath milaanay waala….

We belong to East… The non-tech, the religiosity-minded, the value-based, the relationship-prone, the poised, the (may be) monotonous, the calm and composed… It relates to “optimization”…

The technology and its cultural effects come from West, which is the torch-bearer of capitalism, speed, hi-fidelity and competition…. It relates to “maximization”….

We need to understand that wherever the world goes, the values must not be forgotten or shrugged off…. There’s a meaning in the word (which is: “valuable”, “close to heart”, “meant to be preserved and taken care of”). That is why those are called “values”….

The technology means “tools to help make functions of life easier”… When it is translated more than that, the equilibrium of life changes, which is certainly not balanced in the end…