Random Thoughts – 121

جنگیں ، میچ ، مُقابلے جیتے ہارے نہیں جاتے۔

انسان ، دِل ،  رویّے جیتے ہارے جاتے ہیں۔


Random Thoughts – 120

Some people are no non-sense…

They think and act in clear, black and white spectrum, and are not comfortable with formalities, exuberance of words, unnecessary talk / discussion / Q & A, and are straight forward in communication.

Random Thoughts – 119

The ideal / best combo of command…

Commander must feel like his last tier / echelon, and the last tier/ echelon should think like commander.


Random Thoughts – 118

The help, assistance, favour and collboration has a peculiar side. The context.

A thing may be a matter of life and death for one, but a routine matter for another – with trivial importance, cost and value.

This is the guiding principle for help, like financial help.
To us, a ten rupees note may be just nothing, but for a person in need, it may be worth billions.

Thus, we connect to the world as per situations, contexts and perspectives…. And we only start to appreciate the realities when we recognize and adapt to the empathy side of life. That is, when we start to feel, know and judge from perspectives other than our own.
That is exactly when we actually start living.

Random Thoughts – 117

“Normalization” is the measure of inertia.

It is the proverbial safe heaven, the arena of inaction, the hub of ease and the liability of achievement – all in literal sense.


Random Thoughts – 116

Whenever I talk or read about Islam as a subject or a topic for discussion, I recall a quote that says, “True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen….”

With all fairness and good judgment, I am obligated to say that Islam (or for that matter “Islamic government”) has become the most desolate of subjects due to the fact that over the centuries, individuals and communities / societies, as well as academia / intelligentsia and executive / legislature have not looked at Islam in the manner they ought to.

[I share the views of Dr Allama Iqbal which he has described in his book “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” (a compilation of a series of his lectures, and his most notable works and a landmark composition) has talked about the dearth of intellectualism in religion and the absence of ijtehaad as a practice.]

The present forms of governments in Muslim world are true to their foregrounds, their public and their masses. Like begets like. Muslim world en masse, is far from being called literate, rational and wise. Our social fabric is getting weaker, owing to host of reasons; most importantly, the relegation of Islam to being a religion. While we do not stop preaching that Islam is a “way of life” (well that’s what ‘Deen’ is translated as), the fact is that our actions speak otherwise.

While making the impossible happen (the supreme change that he brought 1400 years back), what Prophet Muhammad PBUH did in first place was the demonstrative effect of supreme human traits involving integrity (Sadiq-Ameen) and intellect (Iqra), then calling-close near and dear ones (Hazrat Khajidaa-Ali-Hamza-Abu Bakar RAA), followed by guiding notables, then spreading the word, subsequently fighting the most testing circumstances including humiliation, boycott, brutalities and hijrah. In all this, he PBUH transformed a group of ordinary peasants into an outstanding populace, who mattered to the world and not to whom the world mattered.

The manner in which our Prophet PBUH brought about the change is the only way to bring any change. And this is the only manner we will sail through this critical phase. We need transformational leadership and training at all levels of society. The people have to be worked upon; rest of the things will follow through. We do not really need one or the other type of government, as ALL the types of government (including kingdoms and family-monarchies) have been demonstrated into first 100 years after Hijrah.

Random Thoughts – 115

Confidence comes from knowledge, training, grooming….!?

….or through lesser of insecurities, apprehensions, self-consciousness…?


I think more than anything else, it comes from clarity, self-realization, self trust, constancy of purpose and truthfulness…

It is our glass to watch the world through it, and is simultaneously a mirror to see ourselves in it.